“Creep” Movie Review

Every time that I am on Netflix I always see this movie in my recommendations. I have no idea why. Well that’s a lie. I love low-budget horror movies that aren’t low budget to be trendy and are low budget because it’s all they have to tell a story. (I HATE SHARKNADO, SUE ME). Anyway, the cover for this movie always intrigued me so I decided to give it a go.

The movie “Creep” stars Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice. That’s it. I love that! I think that the best horror movies are self-contained in their setting, which this film is. This movie ends up basically being about a man that is hired to film a man at his house and stuff gets weird. It’s refreshing that a movie didn’t feel the need to take on more than it can handle.

As far as the characters, I think that Mark Duplass did a fine job with the performance of a man that you just can’t quite pinpoint what is going on in his head. He made me pretty uncomfortable at parts which is exactly what I think he was going for. Patrick Brice on the other hand was pretty lack-luster. He didn’t really have much to actually do on-screen but when he did, it kind of came off as a guy in his first acting lesson. Not great, but he didn’t really have to be.

This movie got my attention. I don’t know. I enjoyed the story it told, and I was pretty surprised by the directions it ended up taking. I think that this is a perfect movie to watch alone in bed as I did. It’s not really that scary at all, but it gives you a bit of the heeby jeebies.


Watch the Trailer HERE



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