Stranger Things Series Review


‘Stranger Things’ is a Netflix original series about a boy who goes missing and people in their small town trying to find him. The problem is, the town of Hawkins has gotten a little…strange.

I hate binge watching TV shows. Not because I don’t like the show, but because there are usually 576 episodes that I need to watch to be caught up and I’m not very patient. That’s why when I heard about this show coming out I got so excited. The first thing that drew me to it was that it’s only 8 episodes. I think that is perfect to draw the viewer into the story, and still make it easy to follow along. So after watching through the whole series 3 times, I finally have my review. 

The highest strength in this show is by far the characters. Winona Ryder plays Joyce Byers (mom of the disappeared Will Byers) and I’m sorry, but who knew she could really act?! I know I know she’s Oscar nominated, but not since the 90’s. She is just amazing as the slightly unhinged yet lovable mother figure. I also loved Dustin played by Gaten Matarazzo. He’s just such a dang cute kid and provides some pretty good comic relief. Of course I can’t leave out Millie Bobby Brown, winner of the best name ever and also the character of our main source of mystery, Eleven. There is a rumor that she got the part because she was the only girl that auditioned that would shave her head, and boy are we lucky if that’s the case. Brown just has a God-given talent in which she doesn’t even have to say anything to tell the audience what she needs to and that’s pretty special. 

My favorite thing about this show is how many questions it answers by then end of the season, but also how many things it leaves unanswered. There are still so many knots that aren’t tied up, and that makes for such a facinating show. It doesn’t leave things without an answer just to be like “Screw you! Come back next season!” but it makes your mind wander a little bit until the next season airs (which I’m sure it will). 

I really have nothing bad to say about this show. There are some moments, mostly with the parents of the kids in the show, that make you want to just smack them on the head. Just from things that they didn’t notice. It gets a little old watching the clueless parent thing, but I think part of that is going back to 80’s movies where the kid sneaks out in the middle of the night and no one notices. 

I think anyone and everyone should watch this show. There is something in it for everyone whether you like science fiction, comedy, thriller, mystery, you name it! ‘Stranger Things’ is just a rare bit of film that should be seen by all. 



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