My Dream James Bond Castings

With Daniel Craig saying he will never do another James Bond film, rumors have been flying about who will take on the roll of 007. Here are my dream castings, whether or not they are possible. 

Christian Bale

We’ve seen the smooth, classy Bond. Why not get someone who could add a little bit of an edgy vibe? While Christian Bale is not my first choice, and isn’t my favorite person in the world, we know that he is a great actor and would definately be a little bit of a scarier Bond. 

George Clooney

So he’s probably getting a little old, but what about a charming and funny Bond? James Bond can get a little dry and I think that Clooney could add a lightness to the character. 

Byung Hun Lee

This dude is an action star. I feel like he could be like James Bond that says everything with his eyes. Like he gives that look and you know you are screwed. 

Idris Elba

Last but not least, my personal favorite choice. Idris Elba has everything that I like in a Bond. He’s charming, smart, intimidating, and of course sexy.

Do you agree with my list? Are there any actors that you would like to see play James Bond?


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