‘The Disappointments Room’ Movie Review

Never heard of ‘The Disappointments Room’? Well neither have a lot of people. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

‘The Disappointments Room’ is a horror/mystery starring Kate Beckinsale and Mel Raido as parents who are moving to the country to start a new life after a tragedy. Really a pretty by-the-numbers story as far as that goes. It doesn’t really get too much more imaginative from there either. Husband and wife move into a creepy house in the middle of nowhere and weird stuff starts to happen. I mean we have seen that before.

The first hour of this movie make me almost want to forgive its horrible last act. I thought that the first part of this movie set up a pretty interesting dynamic between the husband and wife, as well as a creepy haunting mystery. I think this movie really started falling apart when it tried to go a little too deep into the “is she going crazy or is she really seeing this stuff” shtick. I don’t want to give anything away in case you do decide to see the movie, but they start to rely very heavily on the fact that she is battling some kind of depression without really explaining it very well.

Characters were all over the place in this movie. Kate Beckinsale was fine in this movie. A little over the top, but I’m sure that’s what director D.J. Caruso was going for to show how unstable she was. Mel Radio was fine as the husband as well. He really doesn’t end up playing a huge part in the movie so being mediocre is acceptable. The one character that I just reallllllly didn’t get was Lucas Till playing the hunky carpenter. Like he literally did NOTHING but the viewer is made to believe that he is somehow important.

I think the biggest problem with this movie is that it probably had a great concept in the writer’s mind, but so many things were skipped that would’ve helped a lot with understanding the story. I would definitely recommend skipping seeing this on the big screen and maybe check it out on demand if it’s cheap. But like really cheap. Like a $2 special.



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