‘The Nice Guys’ Review

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe play unlikely partners in solving a crime, with possible benefits for both of them. 

This movie takes place in the 70s and does an amazing job of really setting the scene. From horrible side burns to classic cars, you really feel like you are in the grimy city of Los Angeles. Another great part of this movie is the chemistry between Gosling and Crowe. Crowe is the more seasoned and pessimistic of the two who hurts people for a living, while Gosling is the guy who has been doing some private eye work while not keeping a great eye on the daughter he has. The two of them work together really well and have some pretty hilarious moments on screen. 

The main complaint that I have with this film is a little bit of a lack of creativity from the story. The dialogue is great, but the plot itself it sort of clichè. It really ends up being a buddy cop movie with a little bit of a crime/mystery tucked underneath. It’s really not a huge deal because the way the story is told and acted is entertaining. Just not really a story to go crazy over the originality. 

I am a fan of Shane Black as a director and love his dark sense of humor. He is attached to a ‘Predator’ prequel that has a horrible cast, but give me hope because of him directing it. He has written some pretty great 80s classics and ‘The Nice Guys’ will be a great addition to his resume. This movie is a fun ride with two not-so-nice guys, and totally worth a watch. 


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