‘Nocturnal Animals’ Review

It’s so annoying that Tom Ford can go from designing clothes to just casually making one of the best movies of the year. No one should be that talented…

‘Nocturnal Animals’ stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal as ex-lovers. Gyllenhaal’s character Tony is a writer, and years after their breakup he sends his ex a manuscript of his new book, and it hits a little too close for her liking. 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this movie. Some of the early trailers marketed it as more of a romance while later trailers showed it as a thriller. It actually ends up being more of a revenge/drama and really surprised me with how intense it really was. The story shifts between three storylines; present day, Tony’s book, and Tony and Susan’s past. All three stories are very different, but end up having extremely similar themes. Every story sort of weaves together in a really intricate way. I really like movies like this that don’t tell me exactly how things relate to each other, and I’m able to draw conclusions for myself. It makes me feel accomplished and special 😊. 

I’m kind of skipping over the acting because you wouldn’t expect anything but greatness from this cast. Of course Adams and Gyllenhaal are amazing and Michael Shannon as a grumpy cop is great. The only performance that really jumped out at me was Aaron Taylor-Johnson as one of the creepiest characters I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t have expected the kid who played Kick-Ass to have such a dirty, dark side but dang he does. He absolutely deserves an Oscar nom. 

I don’t really have any negatives that directly jump out at me, but something about this movie just left me wanted a little more. The relationship between Adams and her new husband played by Armie Hammer is really glossed over as well as how their relationship blossomed. It just leaves a little bit to be desired, but I’m being picky. Overall this movie is the perfect movie for a lover of film. I wouldn’t recommend seeing this with the family, as some scenes are really just hard to watch. Also be prepared for one of the wierdest, artsiest opening credits you’ve ever seen. You’ve been warned…



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