‘The Jungle Book’ Movie Review (2016)

Do you ever wonder how long Mowgli has been running around in the same loin cloth? And it’s never been ripped or lost? It’s pretty amazing…

This particular entry into the ‘Jungle Book’ lore is a “live-action” remake directed by Jon Favreau. I put “live-action” in quotes because the only thing live about it is the performance by the main actor. Otherwise the rest is SPECTACULAR computer generated effects. Like amazing. There are definitely some parts where you can tell there is a green screen involved, but the majority is some of the most lush animation I’ve ever seen. 

Even though the look of this film is by far the most impressive part, the acting talent they have is top-notch as well. In his first movie, Neel Sethi plays Mowgli and does such a great job. When you think about the fact that this poor kid had to act against green screens and creepy men in body suits for his first film, you honestly can’t believe it. The voices of all of the other characters are great too, with my personal favorites being Bill Murray as Baloo and Idris Elba as Shere Kahn. Bill Murray is always great and I will never say he’s bad in anything. Even ‘Garfield’. That never happened. Idris Elba also has the most menacing voice ever if he wants to and he is pretty dang scary. 

I really don’t think there is a lot to say that I don’t like in this movie. The only thing that I don’t love is the scene with Kaa the snake. It’s really pretty random. And also Christopher Walken singing is pretty uncomfortable. I mean he tries. 

In the end I absolutely recommend steaming this movie. It was just added to Netflix and is so worth it. 



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