‘Logan’ Movie Review

Our favorite 3-clawed superhero is back with a vengeance in this installment of the Wolverine story. Full disclosure. I wasn’t extremely excited for this movie. Superhero movies have really over saturated the market and seem to all be the same. Not ‘Logan’. 

‘Logan’ is now my favorite superhero movie of all time. I couldn’t believe how entertained I was and emotional I got from watching this movie. The director of this movie, James Mangold, also directed ‘The Wolverine’ which I remember thinking was decent. This movie blows that one out of the water. 

First, the action in ‘Logan’ is STELLAR. Not only from Logan himself, but from the new addition of X-23. Brutal but not gratuitous, I thought that every movement was so well thought out without going over the top. The action also has so much more steak to it because of how contained the story is. It’s basically just a road trip movie of getting someone from Point A to Point B. It just makes it so much more important when Logan takes a punch because he doesn’t have his X-Men buddies with him. 

There is almost nothing that I can talk about that I didn’t love about this movie. Maybe the villain could’ve had a little bit more explaination, but honestly the villain was still pretty cool. 

Go see ‘Logan’. Just please. Support a superhero movie that isn’t just men in spandex fighting a big baddie to save the world. The very beginning of the movie is also pretty awesome….just saying…..


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