Audrie & Daisy Movie Review

According to RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network), only 310 sexual assault cases out of 1000 are reported to the police. This statistic deeply saddens me but does not surprise me. After watching this movie, I see how broken and corrupted our society is against sexual assault victims.

‘Audrie & Daisy’ is a Netflix original documentary mostly following the story of Daisy Coleman and how her sexual assault effected her life, as well as others. As this film starts, it seems to be just another retelling of another cyberbullying case. Audrie is sexually assaulted and humiliated by her peers and eventually commits suicide. This is where I realized that something that I think of as so normal, having gone through school where social media is the source of almost all social engagement, has turned putrid. You hear stories about girls taking their lives so often now that it has lost it’s shock value, but this movie seems to put it all back into perspective.

After sharing Audrie’s story, we go with Daisy all the way through her assault as well as her time in court. We meet the police involved in this small town case, we get interviews with the assailants, and we see just how all of this is effecting not only Daisy but her community as well. In a small town there are biases that seem to have a trend with similar cases that grossly impact the livelihood of so many young girls.

While I’m sure that there are technical missteps in this movie, I refuse to let anything that I say stop this film from carrying across it’s message to the public. There is a reason that 60% of sexual assault cases go unreported, and it is because of experiences or young girls (and even boys) like Audrie and Daisy. I absolutely recommend watching this film, and supporting the young women that are brave enough to share their story with the world. You can join them by going to their website and either donating to their organization or simply learning about what you can do to help someone who might be going through something similar.

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