Get Out Movie Review

Since when are horror movies the most reliable genre? Last year we had Don’t Breathe, The Conjuring, Lights Out, and 10 Cloverfield Lane, and now we have,

Get Out.

Get Out is probably the most well thought out movie, not just horror movie, that I have seen in a very long time. There are so many details that you will catch on a second or third viewing that are so smart. I don’t want to spoil anything, but as the director Jordan Peele said, this movie is a mixture of; Stepford Wives, Rosemary’s Baby, and Look Who’s Coming to Dinner. It has so many layers of genre from horror to suspense to comedy.

Speaking of comedy, the one thing that I really wasn’t a huge fan of in this movie was some of the comedy. There were a few jokes that just didn’t really hit that well. That being said, there was one running joke from the TSA agent Rod (LilRel Howery) that KILLED. I had a really full theater and some people could not stop laughing. Personally I liked the change of tone from the uncomfortable thriller aspect to some light comedy. It really let Jordan Peele’s comedy roots shine through.

Finally, I don’t think this movie is for everybody. I can see people getting offended (not that I agree with that point of view) at the messages about race. I found it so well done and it really made me rethink my privilege as a white woman. A must-see.



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