LEGO Batman Movie Review

Batman has been everywhere for decades. From triple-A games featuring him to indie ones being developed. Even further than that, you can find online casino sites which offer casino games based on Batman character like Batman & The Joker Jewels, birthday parties are Batman themed, and Batman toys have been on a rise. Now with The LEGO Batman Movie we finally have a hybrid of fun animation like those games, and the action and emotion that make our favorite vigilante who he is.

The Christopher Nolan Batman movies are great, but Lego Batman really brings back the fun that Batman was created with. That is why it is so amazing that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller came back to direct this spinoff. In line with the original LEGO Movie, they totally understand that you can tell a great Batman story without having to sacrifice the fun.

A huge plus for this movie that other comic book movies need to take notes on is how many villains that were juggled. Movies like The Amazing Spider-man 2 really suffered when they started trying to add even three or four villains, and this movie has just about every villain EVER from the comic books. The reason that they are successful in doing that is because they actually give good motivation and story line to the main villain (The Joker) and let the other villains just heighten the story. That keeps it from getting overcrowded and it is done brilliantly.

One downside that I would give this film as a twenty-one year old woman is that a lot of the jokes end up playing down to children. I know that it is an animated movie so it is geared towards kids, but movies like Shrek did better at making jokes for the adults as well as their kids. That feeling did start to make me second guess how I was spending my Friday night, but I didn’t regret it.

Go see The LEGO Batman Movie. I think that you can thoroughly enjoy it at any point in life, and with any prior comic book knowledge. It is just so exciting to support such an inventive franchise that, at this point, can do no wrong.



2 thoughts on “LEGO Batman Movie Review

  1. The inner child in me finds it hard to believe that there will ever be a bad Lego film – it’s fun and a light spin on such a darker batman these days

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