Win It All Netflix Movie Review

I’m ashamed to say that I decided to watch this movie on Netflix for the sole reason that Jake Johnson wrote and stars in it. I am a huge New Girl fan and I just love him so much.

‘Win it All’ is a Netflix Original Movie and I am always interested by their original movies. For the most part, I have heard good things about them and they have some CRAZY titles coming out soon with huge stars. This makes me want to check out anything that they put their name on because they obviously have a lot of confidence in their production ability, and you know what? This movie was alright!

As previously mentioned, I think that Jake Johnson is an amazing personality. He is a good actor, but he also has the best personality where you could see yourself just sitting at a bar and having a few drinks with him. That’s good because that is what he does in this movie. He plays a man with a horrible gambling addiction. Like really bad. It honestly made me so sad to see a character with that kind of addiction because his life is just in shambles and there are real people like that. He comes into a large sum of money and gambles it away. Now he needs to get it back. It’s really interesting to see his character change as he is trying to work for his money back. His character’s arc really just makes the whole movie, as you can sympathize with him and want him to do better for himself.

Keegan Michael-Key is also breifly in this movie as his gambling addiction sponsor, and he was a really great part of the movie. Sometimes I just wish that Key could play a more realistic character along with his hilarious characters and that is just what he is in ‘Win It All’. He ends up sort of playing the straight man witch is refreshing.

The main things that didn’t click for me with this movie were these: the filming style and the pacing. This movie is filmed and edited to look like it is straight from the 70’s. I love something unique, but that style didn’t seem to fit very well and the graininess made it a little bit hard to watch sometimes. I also thought that the middle of this movie really started to drag. He’s getting his money back which is great, but there were a few scenes that really should have been cut down.

I would recommend this movie for anyone that just wants a quiet night in with a movie on. There’s no real action in this movie, and it ends up being more of a character piece. If that is what you are looking for, you should check it out!



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