Phoenix Forgotten Movie Review

In an age with a fascination with found footage movies, will this one stand above the rest? 

‘Phoenix Forgotten’ is the next entry into the no-genre of found footage films. This one decides to go in the direction of proving the existence of aliens, similar to ‘The Fourth Kind’. What I liked about how this movie chose to go about telling its story, is that it mixed found footage with the sister of the boy who went missing making a documentary about the experience. It adds not only another way to tell the story, but it also adds a different point of view. 

The characters in this movie are a little boring, but not horrible at all. Everyone is fairly believable for the most part, with the exception actually being the sister making the documentary. I found her overacting a little bit distracting, and her part of the story got a little slow as well. That also leads me to my biggest problem with the movie. There is not enough film from when the 3 kids went missing. We are not given enough time to connect with the characters and really feel the fear that starts to build. 

This doesn’t mean that the movie is bad! I actually found it really enjoyable. It’s pretty predictable and a little slow at some points, but it does have a decent level of suspense towards the end. I’d recommend giving this movie a shot, but maybe waiting to rent it. 


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