Wonder Woman Movie Review

Has there been a more badass theme song than the new Wonder Woman theme?

I was a little bit skeptical when I heard that they were going to make a ‘Wonder Woman’ standalone movie. Gal Gadot has never been the best actress ever, and although her part was the best part of ‘Batman vs. Superman’ it still didn’t blow me away. Even after hearing about how great this movie was going to be, I still went into it with pretty average expectations. I’m very happy to say that they were blown away. Lassoed away? Okay I’ll stop. 

The main thing that I think makes this movie so great is that it has such a contained story. With this being set in WWI, there is no Batman or Superman. Just Diana. This really helps you connect with her character. Diana herself is also such a great, strong character. She’s sexy, but also smart. She also makes some mistakes which makes her so much more relatable. 

I can’t gush about ‘Wonder Woman’ without mentioning Patty Jenkins and her directing. I can’t believe that it had been 12 years since Jenkins got a project, and her last film ‘Monster’ was Oscar winning. This lady is so talented at getting the best out her actors as well as some amazing shots as well. Her use of slow motion is not gratuitous and tasteful and really adds to the beautiful fight scenes that she captures. I see amazing things for Patty Jenkins in the future. 

This movie isn’t perfect, but the imperfections are picky. The villain could be more fleshed out and there were some continuity errors with exactly how indestructible Wonder Woman is, but it’s a fantasy world anyway so I can get over that. 

I recommend everyone to see this movie, and parents especially to bring their little girls to see it. It honestly brought tears to my eyes a few times when I would think about the fact that this movie is basically run by women. It’s rare, but I think it’s going to have an impact on how many women are in the industry. 



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