The Demon Inside Movie Review

Every so often I come across a small budget horror film that I want to give a chance and watch. This time, I came across ‘The Demon Inside’. A movie about a man and his inner demons becoming physical demons, and the race to save his family, and I am so glad that I did. 

The first thing that I want to say, is that this director (Joey Moran) has talent. He creates some beautiful shots full of tension and intrigue. While this film doesn’t have the budget for ridiculous CGI effects, the scares that I got from the demon were some that kept my feet from the edge of my bed while watching it. One thing that I didn’t love about his film style was the over-abundant use of red lights in his shots where the demon is present. It felt a little cheap and unnecessary and didn’t really add too much to the film. 

I was also impressed by the cast. Everyone really held their own and there is no one that really stuck out to me as being a horrible actor. There are scenes with the ‘Ghost Killers’ in which the overcook their performances a bit, but that is the way their characters are. It also gives me one of my favorite moments from the film where two of the hunters are laughing at the situation they are in. I thought it was really organic and funny. 

That does lead me to my biggest criticism of the movie in that the tone sometimes goes too far into the sort of parody-esque humor that it is trying to attempt. Most of it lands pretty well, but every once in a while I wish the humor would have been more grounded to keep the gravity of the situation that the family is in. 

I really recommend checking this film out and keeping an eye on the cast and crew for the future. I think many of them have some real talent. 



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