The Mummy Movie Review

I feel like every movie set in the desert will have a sandstorm with a face in it. It’s inevitable. 

Tom Cruise is back in another summer action movie. This time he’s playing Nick, the soldier that is also somehow a looting artifact thief? Yeah no it makes perfect sense. That’s really only the beginning of the belief-suspension that is necessary to enjoy this film. Not only are there plot holes galore, but the characters are all just about disposable. 

Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. He does some pretty cool stunts and has some corny one-liners. He was fine in the movie, but his character was just so bland. Jake Johnson and Annabelle Wallis as the best friend and love interest were also wasted. Neither of them really added anything to the story, except for to move it along. The only person that I really liked in the film was Sofia Boutella as the ancient “mummy”. Her story was the most interesting and I felt like she put the most effort into her performance. 

Now, with all of these negatives, I think that if you go into this movie with the expectation that you are about to see a fun popcorn movie, you will probably have a good enough time. The effects are great and the directing isn’t bad. There’s also some decent scares to keep you awake. If you are looking for the next big franchise-starting movie (*cough* *cough* Dark Universe), I really don’t think this is it. 



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