It Comes At Night Movie Review

‘It Comes At Night’ is a movie that is not for everybody, but is it for you?

First, I am going to address what everybody seems to be saying about this movie. “The marketing is horrible.” I went back and watched the most recent trailer (HERE) which I hadn’t seen, and while I don’t think it does an accurate job capturing the tone of the movie, it does a fine job with what it can give away. I will say that if you are going to this movie hoping for copious amounts of jump scares and gore, you are going to the wrong film. This is not so much a horror movie as it is a disturbing character piece, which I understand may not be what audiences are hoping for.

This movie is beautiful. There are so many aspects of the filmmaking that I just love. There are unique choices made with the film’s aspect ratio that I think are interesting and vital to the way this movie tells it’s story. The acting is also amazing. Not one person stands out in a bad way, but Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Travis is SO GOOD. There were times where I was like “there’s something wrong with this kid” but it wasn’t overdone. His acting choices were very subtle and vital to the plot.

To sum up this review, I loved this movie, but it took me a little bit of thinking to get to that point. When the end of this film came I was FURIOUS at first. I didn’t get it and I felt let down by how many questions were left unanswered, but as I thought about things and how puzzle pieces were scattered around the movie, I think that I understand it and I love the way it plays out. The film doesn’t give away every puzzle piece you need to solve it, but I love guessing what that piece could possibly look like. I understand that a large amount of people will want to have their need for a definite ending satiated, but I think a more creative mind can appreciate what the director was going for.


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8 thoughts on “It Comes At Night Movie Review

  1. Great review. The horror fans cannot make up their minds on this one because of the absence of blood and gore. It is superbly minimalist but conveys the full horror of what some people can or must do to survive dystopian catastrophe. This film works more because of what it does not show rather than the usual digitial spooks we usually see in this genre. The final scene is the most chilling because the absence of Travis at the table tells us what just happened.

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