Baby Driver Movie Review

I got home from this movie and downloaded the soundtrack right away. I can be a getaway driver now, right?

‘Baby Driver’ is about Baby (Ansel Elgort) repaying a debt to Doc (Kevin Spacey) by way of being a getaway driver for elaborate heists. And he drives fast. Really fast. The car scenes are some of the coolest I have seen in a long time. The car chases are also choreographed to go along with the music in the film, and it all flows so perfectly. 

Among the amazing car chase scenes, there is also an endearing love story between Baby and a waitress he meets at a diner. That’s one thing that shocked me. With how little time is actually spent with Baby and Debora, you really believe their chemistry and that they are in love. This is also due to the acting in the film which is great as well. Ansel Elgort especially has really made me a fan. He’s just so dang charming and you can’t help but tap your foot when he’s dancing. 

While I do think that most things in this movie are just about perfect, I did have just a few problems. One thing is that I think that this movie could’ve been 15 minutes shorter. It’s an almost 2 hour movie, and I think it could have benefited from being cut down just a little bit. Other than that, I really have nothing else to critique. Edgar Wright has once again made a really, really fun movie different than anything you have seen. 



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