‘A Quiet Place’ Movie Review

So. Aliens have invaded and your only chance of survival is keeping completely silent. Let me just tell you that the family in the front row during this movie would be the FIRST to die…

‘A Quiet Place’ is written by, directed by, and staring Jim Halp…I mean John Krasinski. I love him as an actor and as a person so I would automatically be excited about this movie, but having his real-life wife (Emily Blunt) playing his movie wife made me even more excited to see it. I will say that the last trailers made me worried about the movie. I didn’t like that they showed the monsters and I was worried that they gave away too much. Well they didn’t and I really enjoyed it.

The best part of ‘A Quiet Place’ is the family dynamic. The family loves each other, but they have been through some really difficult times and you can really see the effect that it has on their relationships. Especially between the father and his daughter. The horror elements come in at a distant second. The scares are mostly jump scares, but they are used pretty sparingly so the tension can really build.

The only downfall that I can really pick out from this movie is just how dumb the rest of the world must be. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I found myself asking why the military didn’t try certain strategies to kill the monsters. It’s one of those things where you can’t really take everything too literally or you will drive yourself crazy. Loopholes are loopholes.

Go see this movie. It’s a lower budget film that deserves to be supported.


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