‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Movie Review (NO SPOILERS)

No spoilers, no spoilers, no spoilers. NO SPOILERS.

I want to make sure that this review has no spoilers for the people like me that have zero self-control. I may or may not have read a spoilers from a different article and it really did make the impact of ‘Infinity War’ a little lower. But did it ruin the movie?

Hell. No.

I used to be the biggest superhero movie fan. I’ve seen ‘Iron Man’ and infinite (pun not intended) number of times. Then, as the movies went on, they just started to blend together. There were no steaks because you knew that the hero was going to survive every time. I think that is what makes ‘Infinity War’ so special. You know that shit is going to go down. Really no one is safe and I love that.

The reason that the steaks feel so high is because our favorite hero’s finally have to face someone out of their league in Thanos. He is by far the most intimidating villain in any superhero movie ever. He also has a pretty good emotional arc that I wasn’t really expecting. I honestly felt myself kind of seeing Thanos’ view point for a second, until I snapped out of it of course.

I know that a big critique that this movie is getting is that it is choppy and there are too many characters. I guess I can understand that, but to me I just loved everyone’s rolls. There wasn’t a ton of screen time to share, but they made such great use of it that I don’t even care. I also love how funny this movie is. It could’ve taken away from the levity of the situation that they are in, but instead it just kept you loving the characters that were on screen and wanting to see them succeed.

See this movie in theaters soon. This movie with a crowd is something that I am going to remember for a long time. There were eruptions from the crowd of cheers, some people screaming “WHAT?!”, and a few sniffles. I’m so happy that this phase of the MCU is coming to a close with such flair. Now we just have to wait until next year for part 2…



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