‘Togo’ Movie Review

When I was growing up, Balto was my jam. I read every book about Balto. I watched the 1995 movie ‘Balto’ religiously. I loved Balto.

Well little did I know that he was such a poser.

‘Togo’ is the “untold story” about the unsung hero (lead sled dog Togo) of the 1925 serum run, and how the sled dog relay really happened. Here I thought that Balto was the main dog who laid his life on the line to save the small city of Nome, Alaska, but in reality, Balto only ran about 30 miles while Togo and his team ran the first 300! I mean Balto was a big part of the life-saving journey, but I am so glad that this movie was made to educate myself and others about the other dogs who ran even farther.

Clearly, I am a big fan of this movie. Willem Dafoe is amazing as the musher, Seppala, and you really believe that he has a deep relationship with his dog, Togo. My favorite parts of the movie are actually the flashback scenes where Seppala and Togo are, uh, lets just say “building their relationship”. It reminded me a lot of my own furry companion. I do think that some of the CGI used in the movie is clearly “made for TV” grade, or in this case “made for Disney+”, but it’s easily forgiven. And at least they used real dogs…EHH EMM ‘CALL OF THE WILD’…

If you have Disney+, I would totally recommend checking this movie out. I haven’t really seen that much to make me stay subscribed, but if they keep making movies of this quality, I might actually keep my subscription.




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