2 Binge or Not 2 Binge?…’Devs’

In today’s world, anyone who is like myself is doing a lot of scrolling through Netflix. With social distancing, a lot of people are stuck at home trying to find the next thing to watch. With so many options, I’ve decided to start writing a series of posts dedicated to myself watching 2 episodes of a show that I’ve been meaning to watch, and determining if it is indeed, binge-worthy. My first test subject is with the new FX show, ‘Devs’.

‘Devs’ probably wasn’t the best first choice for this series, as at this time the series isn’t even finished, but I’ve been so intrigued that I just had to start with it. I am mostly excited about the show because it is written and directed by Alex Garland. I loved ‘Annihilation’ and ‘Ex Machina’, and a tech/humanity/drama tv series sounds like the perfect next step for him.

So I watched the first two episodes and I am totally hooked. Nick Offerman plays the main owner of the big tech company and is the complete opposite of Ron Swanson, which is cool to see. Sonoya Mizuno is really the best part so far playing Lily Chan, a woman whose boyfriend “commits suicide” after his first day working in a top secret section of Forest’s company. I spent the first 30 minutes of the first episode trying to figure out why I recognized her, only to realize that she played Dr. Azumi Fujita in Maniac! (On Netflix. Please watch if you haven’t. It’s amazing.) This show is totally up my alley, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

The kind of person who should binge this show is the person who starts a show and doesn’t get distracted doing other things. There is a lot of tech lingo the goes over my head, and I find myself having to use context clues to figure out what they are talking about. I love that because I love critical thinking while watching a show, but I know that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I wouldn’t recommend this show for someone who wants answers for everything right away. There are already so many questions in the first 2 episodes, and I can tell it’s going to take a long time to give me all of the info I need to piece everything together.

I can’t wait to finish this show, and I totally recommend checking it out! I’m watching it on Hulu, but it is an FX show so you can find it on cable as well.


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