‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ Movie Review

‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ is a French film directed by Céline Schiamma and starring Noémie Merlant and as a painter and Adèle Haenel as her unknowing subject.

I have been really trying to get into watching more foreign films, and when I saw that this one was added to Hulu, I had to watch it. I have been hearing amazing things and wanted to see what the buzz was about.

This film is not for everyone. It is solely character driven. No big explosions or disturbing imagery. Just the story of a budding relationship between two women, and the emotional bond that draws them together. If you are someone who likes character building and emotional stories, this one is a great one. The relationship of the two main characters starts off as a professional relationship, but as they get to know each other it develops into so much more. The lead actresses are amazing and you really believe that they are falling for each other on a personal level.

My personal favorite part of this movie is the cinematography. It is mesmerizing. If you pause the movie at any given time, it always looks like a painting. So well framed and full of life. It makes a lot of sense with the subject of the film too that the filmmakers would want everything to look as if the memories are being captured on canvas.

While this movie wont go on my list of my favorite movies ever, it is a beautiful film that deserves the accolades it has been getting. Romantic dramas just aren’t usually my thing, but I can appreciate everything that this film has to offer. Especially since it is now streaming on Hulu, I would definitely recommend watching.



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