‘Swallow’ Movie Review

The other night I told my sister I was going to watch a movie called ‘Swallow’, and she gave me a weird look. I had to assure her that I was not watching a classy porn, but a movie about a girl with PTSD who ingests things like marbles, batteries and thumbtacks to fill a need for control she has. So honestly, I’m not sure which one sounded better…

‘Swallow’ fell into the same marketing trap that ‘It Comes at Night‘ did. All of the trailers for it, make it seem like this tense thriller, when in reality it is more of a character drama. At first while watching ‘Swallow’, I was disappointed because I was sold something that looked like it was going to be scary and disturbing, and I started looking at fast forwarding to get to the juicy parts. When I realized it wasn’t that kind of movie, I started to see it for what it was, and really enjoyed it!

Haley Bennett plays Hunter, a woman who has just married into an extremely rich family, and is doing her best to be the perfect housewife, but is slowly unraveling. Haley Bennett is amazing, and really gives you the feeling that behind this woman’s perfect persona, she is hiding something dark. The other characters in the film are really pretty meh, except I did like some lines that her step-mom had, played by Elizabeth Marvel.

This movie gets really deep at points, and the end was so tense and captivating. I ended up really enjoying where the story went and who Hunter ends up being. I would absolutely not recommend this movie for someone who is looking for a horror/thriller for a fun movie night, but it is something that I would recommend for someone who wants to feel a little icky and sad. Really sold it, didn’t I?



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