‘Underwater’ Movie Review

‘Underwater’ is a direct rip-off of ‘Alien’ and I will not be told any differently.

I love horror. I have written many posts about it (see here for my first list, and here for my updated list of my favorite horror flicks) and I can usually find at least something in any horror movie to like. This one was really hard to find anything good.

I’ll start with what I didn’t like, as that list is longer. First of all, as mentioned above, I was getting so annoyed at how blatantly this movie ripped off ‘Alien’ almost beat by beat. There is a difference in paying homage to something and ripping it off, and ‘Underwater’ defiantly was just an underwater ‘Alien’. Two specific scenes had me pulling out my hair for how crazy similar it is. I also thought the writing was extremely cringy at times, specifically with TJ Miller’s character. He had some of the most inorganic, unfunny jokes I have ever heard in a movie. I’m not a fan of his to begin with, but his dialogue was just horrible. The other characters weren’t great either, and you never really get to know any of them since it jumps into action right away. I also think that the monster’s are stupid looking. Petty, yes. Do I care? No.

Now for the short list of what I liked. It pretty much begins and ends with Kristen Stewart. I think that I’m scarred for life from ‘Twilight’, but I’ve never been her biggest fan. She slowly is growing on me, and I think she does a good job in this movie with what she has to work with. I guess I also sorta liked the tie in with Cthulu, even though I still think that is a stretch.

I’m upset that I paid $5.99 to watch this movie, and I really can’t think of anyone I would recommend it to. Maybe my mom? But we have established that her taste isn’t always…um…reliable?



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