‘Color out of Space’ Movie Review

Guys, I feel like I am being punked. I was under the impression that this movie was the next staple horror/sci-fi masterpiece, and wow. I just don’t get it.

Color out of Space is based on an H.P. Lovecraft short story, and is about a mysterious alien substance that crashes onto Earth, and how it effects the life of one particular family. I have never read any H.P. Lovecraft stories, so maybe that effects my comprehension of the story. I could tell that the film was trying to be a metaphor for sickness, maybe cancer, but I was just confused as to how all of the events in the story were trying to convince me of that. There were times when I would be thinking “okay, well that is obviously trying to portray how sickness consumes the entire family, not just the one affected”, but then all that I would do for a whole scene is try to figure out how that made sense in the context of the actual movie. The screenplay to me really seems like it is full of deep metaphors and symbolism, but it is just executed a little too heavy-handed.

If I’m being honest, the real reason I rented Color out of Space is to watch another crazy Nicolas Cage movie. In the beginning, I was a little disappointed because his acting was actually pretty dialed back. He was pretty endearing as the father who moved his family out of the city to start a country life. Then in the last act of the movie, my dreams came true and I got to see the Nicolas Cage acting I prayed for. There are a lot of laugh out loud acting moments in this movie, but my favorite is when he seems to get mad for no reason and slips into a seemingly unintentional ridiculous Donald Trump impression. I actually laughed out loud alone in my room. He gets to do a few more Nic Cage blow ups, and those are easily my favorite parts of the movie. It kind of works for the story too, because this alien “color” is kind of making everyone in the family go crazy. The rest of the acting in the film is pretty forgettable. All of the actors read their lines like they are in a community theater production and it gets pretty cringy.

I feel like I totally know who this movie was made for, and it just isn’t for me. People who love B-horror movies and indie production will love this. I can appreciate it for it’s use of a small budget and creativity, but other than that it is just a little to silly for me. A lot of people love this film though, so if it looks interesting to you, $5 to rent it is worth it just for the sheer craziness of it. If anyone can explain to me whey it is a color that is the monster, and what the magenta color means, that would also be great.



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