‘The Suicide Squad’ Movie Review

So, does this mean DC can stop taking itself so seriously now?

‘The Suicide Squad’ is the sequel to the 2016 David Ayer bad acid trip of a movie, “Suicide Squad”. If you think the title is lame, don’t worry. I do too. I have to be honest, I truly detested the first “Suicide Squad”. I know there are people that will die at the stake saying that it is a good movie, and you go Glen Coco, but I firmly disagree. With that said, I was not looking forward to a sequel. That was until I heard that James Gunn, of ‘Scooby Doo’ fame (and something called ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’?) was going to be the writer/director. I’ve always been a big fan of his comedy and I love his creativity. ‘The Suicide Squad’ has plenty of both, to varying degrees of success.

The good of this film is great. First, the movie looks incredible, specifically the creatures throughout. The new love of my life, King Shark, looked so realistic that my mother asked me at one point if it was CGI or practical. Speaking of King Shark, another great thing about this movie are the characters. As someone who does not know anything about actual comic books, I thought it was such a good idea to take the more strange villains from the comics for the Task Force X instead of the big baddies we have already seen 1000 times. All of the team had really great chemistry with each other, and I especially loved the rivalry between John Cena’s Peacemaker and Idris Elba’s Bloodsport. The soundtrack for “The Suicide Squad” is also everything the “Suicide Squad” wished it was. A great mix of new and old that didn’t feel like it was the star of the show.

Now for the bad. I think in a lot of ways, this movie is one of the most oddly edited films I have seen in a long time. There were certain scenes (one with Harley Quinn being seduced comes to mind) that seemed to drag on forever, and some scenes seemed to be cut away from way to fast. It made the pacing really hard to get a hold of. At one point I did do the dreaded look at the watch because the movie started to feel really long. I also found some of the acting by the supporting characters to be quite iffy. Pete Davidson, I love your stand-up, but I think a few more acting lessons may be in order. Other minor characters also had some really awkward line-delivery that just kind of made me cringe.

Is “The Suicide Squad” the next “The Dark Knight” Oscar winner for DC Comics? No, not a chance. What it is, is an extremely fun and unique action-comedy that will hopefully open up DC to having more fun and taking more chances with it’s writing/directing staff.

Please support your local cinema and see this on the big screen as well.



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