‘Case 347’ Movie Review

You know, alien horror films don’t usually scare me very much. Little grey men in a flying saucer intrigue me more than shock me. Every once in a while though, I see an alien movie and while I’m falling asleep I have that moment of thinking “what if I open my eyes and there is […]

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‘A Quiet Place’ Movie Review

So. Aliens have invaded and your only chance of survival is keeping completely silent. Let me just tell you that the family in the front row during this movie would be the FIRST to die… ‘A Quiet Place’ is written by, directed by, and staring Jim Halp…I mean John Krasinski. I love him as an […]

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Phoenix Forgotten Movie Review

In an age with a fascination with found footage movies, will this one stand above the rest?  ‘Phoenix Forgotten’ is the next entry into the no-genre of found footage films. This one decides to go in the direction of proving the existence of aliens, similar to ‘The Fourth Kind’. What I liked about how this […]

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‘Arrival’ Movie Review

‘Arrival’ is a a science fiction/drama from the director of ‘Sicario’ and ‘Prisoners’ starring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker. Without spoiling anything, this movie is mostly about attempting communication with an alien race and the struggles and strategies involved in that. Now I’m going to start this review right away with the disclaimer […]

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