‘Case 347’ Movie Review

You know, alien horror films don’t usually scare me very much. Little grey men in a flying saucer intrigue me more than shock me. Every once in a while though, I see an alien movie and while I’m falling asleep I have that moment of thinking “what if I open my eyes and there is […]

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‘The Lodge’ Movie Review

The other night while I was shaking trees in Animal Crossing, I was listening to a podcast talking about the best horror movies of the year so far. I’m a simple gal with a little more time on my hands than usual, so my ears perked up when they mentioned a film about a couple of […]

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‘Underwater’ Movie Review

‘Underwater’ is a direct rip-off of ‘Alien’ and I will not be told any differently. I love horror. I have written many posts about it (see here for my first list, and here for my updated list of my favorite horror flicks) and I can usually find at least something in any horror movie to […]

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‘Bad Education’ Movie Review

‘Bad Education’ is an HBO movie release about a superintendent (Hugh Jackman) who is a big part of why his school district is in the top 5 in the nation. Kids love him. Parents love him. But the problem is, he is part of the biggest public school embezzlement scandal in history. I’m a simple […]

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‘Swallow’ Movie Review

The other night I told my sister I was going to watch a movie called ‘Swallow’, and she gave me a weird look. I had to assure her that I was not watching a classy porn, but a movie about a girl with PTSD who ingests things like marbles, batteries and thumbtacks to fill a […]

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‘Onward’ Movie Review

If one good thing has come out of this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s movies being put on streaming platforms earlier than they normally would have. This film also justified me keeping Disney+, even though I said the same thing about ‘Togo’. ‘Onward’ is a film about 2 brothers, Barley and Ian (Chris Pratt and Tom Holland), […]

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What to Watch on HBO – April 2020

With most people self-quarantining at home, I thought that I would save the thumbs of people scrolling through streaming platforms, and give my recommendations on what to watch. I figured I would start off with HBO as there is some real quality media on there right now, and a little something for everyone. If you’re […]

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