R.I.P. Moviepass

I just wanted to make a quick blog post about the end of an era. Or like, a year. Moviepass, child of Stacy Spikes and Hamet Watt, was born in 2011. Moviepass lived a good life, but left us too soon. Moviepass will always be remembered for its amazing yet unrealistic deal of unlimited movies […]

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‘Skyscraper’ Movie Review

Seeing The Rock using his own fake leg to zip line into a burning building 1,000 feet in the air has been a dream of mine that I didn’t even know I had. Not seeing it in ‘Skyscraper’ is just one of the ways this movie disappointed me. First, I knew exactly what I was […]

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‘A Quiet Place’ Movie Review

So. Aliens have invaded and your only chance of survival is keeping completely silent. Let me just tell you that the family in the front row during this movie would be the FIRST to die… ‘A Quiet Place’ is written by, directed by, and staring Jim Halp…I mean John Krasinski. I love him as an […]

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