Baby Driver Movie Review

I got home from this movie and downloaded the soundtrack right away. I can be a getaway driver now, right? ‘Baby Driver’ is about Baby (Ansel Elgort) repaying a debt to Doc (Kevin Spacey) by way of being a getaway driver for elaborate heists. And he drives fast. Really fast. The car scenes are some […]

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Post Oscars Reaction

Yesterday, February 26th of the year 2017 were the Academy Awards. We laughed. We cried. We said “WHAT THE F***?”. Now to break down everything that happened from beginning to bitter-end. I might as well get it out of the way now. What happened at the end of the show was a disaster. For anyone […]

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2017 Oscar Predictions

Ahhh yes. My favorite time of year. Awards season. And by awards season, I mean the Oscars. A night of awkward jokes at the expense of celebrities, musical numbers, and speeches being played off the stage. It’s a glorious night, and one of my favorite parts is predicting the winners of the golden statue and […]

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‘Moana’ Movie Review

Who knew The Rock could sing? Like, is there anything that man can’t d0? It’s just really not fair…like stop… ‘Moana’ is Disney’s newest animated feature starring Auli’i Carvalho as Moana and Dwayne Johnson as the demigod, Maui. Moana and Maui basically have to go on a mission to save her island and her people. […]

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