The BEST Horror Movies for a Halloween Movie Night

It’s almost October. That means candy, pumpkins, and most importantly HORROR MOVIES. I decided that I would make a list of my favorite horror movies from recent memory and of years past that make a great movie night. You’re welcome.

“Halloween” (1978)


What Halloween movie list would this be without the original “Halloween”? This is one of those rare movies that still creeps you out just as much today as the first time you watch it. It’s even creepier if you watch it on Halloween night with a bunch of little children running around dressed as Michael Meyers.

“Scream” (1996)


Speaking of creepy little children running around your neighborhood, I guarantee you will see a Ghostface mask. If you haven’t seen “Scream”, it really is worth watching. It is super original and kind of meta, so if you don’t want to take a movie so seriously, this is the one to watch. I also love the awkwardness of Courtney Cox and David Arquette’s relationship. It makes me laugh every time.

“You’re Next” (2011)


I feel like nobody saw this movie, and that makes me cry a little bit inside. I saw this movie in theaters and I LOVED it. The director also made “The Guest” and the new “Blair Witch Project” and I think that this guy does a great job with horror. This movie is awesome because it’s packaged like the most generic horror movie of all time, but there are some awesome twists that make this movie stand out. Not to mention a kick-ass female lead.

“Oculus” 2013


Another awesome movie that not enough see. I’m always shocked that some people don’t really like this movie. I think the premise is so unique, and the ending is AMAZING. The biggest reason you should check this out is because it is on Netflix! A nice, short horror movie.

“Alien” (1979)


Last but not least, I had to put one of my favorite movies of all time. The best movie tagline of all time (“In space no on can hear you scream”) leads to the best horror/science fiction movie of all time. Super suspenseful and really scary without rubbing it in your face. I would 100% recommend¬†this for Halloween movie night.


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