2017 Oscar Predictions

Ahhh yes. My favorite time of year. Awards season. And by awards season, I mean the Oscars. A night of awkward jokes at the expense of celebrities, musical numbers, and speeches being played off the stage. It’s a glorious night, and one of my favorite parts is predicting the winners of the golden statue and being wrong 95% of the time. (Side note: I’m only predicting for categories that I like. Deal with it.) Also, give me your predictions in the comments below! Full list of Oscar nominations to follow along.

Best Visual Effects: Jungle Book

I will be so sad if this “live-action but really just one real boy” remake doesn’t win for best visual effects. It’s a beautiful movie that makes you forget that Mowgli is really just singing to a stick with a tennis ball on it.

Best Original Song: Audition – La La Land

I know this will not be the one to win, considering “City of Stars” won the Golden Globe, but I just think this song is so much better. I’m stubbornly saying that this one should win.

Best Music (Score): La La Land

While it’s probably not surprising to most people that know me that I listen to this soundtrack on repeat in my car, this score is perfect. So classy and fun.

Best Cinematography: Arrival

I love this movie and just the shots of the Montana mountains and fog are enough to warrant the Oscar in my opinion.

Best Animated Feature: Zootopia

While this one isn’t my favorite animated film this year (Moana takes that crown), Zootopia is a great movie and is just too topical not to win.

Best Director: Damien Chazelle – La La Land

So in case you haven’t noticed, I am a little biased when it comes to this movie. Regardless I absolutely think that Chazelle needs the Oscar. He shut down a freeway in California to film on a 110 degree day with dancers on cars. Like, thats awesome.

Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis – Fences

Full disclosure: I have not seen ‘Fences’ nor do I intend to or want to, but from what I have seen, Viola Davis is killer in this movie. I also just really love her and root for her whenever she is nominated for anything.

Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali – Moonlight

This guy blew me away. While I think the fact that he shares his role with other people might put a damper on the Academy giving him the votes, his performance stuck with me the longest out of the other options. Michael Shannon was pretty awesome too though…

Best Actress: Isabelle Hupert – Elle

This was such a toss-up for me between Emma Stone and Isabelle Hupert. While Emma Stone is the favorite, I didn’t think that ‘La La Land’ was that interesting of a performance. ‘Elle’ however was much more of a lesson on acting given by the French Isabelle. Wee wee.

Best Actor: Denzel Washington – Fences

Again. Haven’t seen the movie. Heard he was great.

Best Picture: La La Land

I know, it’s predictable but it’s just such a good movie. Not my favorite of the year, but it’s so light-hearted and fun. I wouldn’t be mad if ‘Moonlight’ of ‘Arrival’ won though…


Watch the Oscars on February 26th at 5:30 PST!



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